If your kid is anything like Eliza, then you have more art projects and colored pages than you have room on your fridge. We wanted to display her work, but somehow a lot of it just ended up lying around (everywhere).

Here’s our solution.


We made an art garland for over the windows in our stairway. This gave me crocheting practice (I can only do one row). Eliza likes being able to clip her art up by herself with clothes pins. Her art garland is always one of the first things she shows to visitors.

Eliza's Art Book

Our second solution was to punch holes in loose papers so they could fit into a three ring binder. This makes Eliza feel like an accomplished artist and provides storage that she can still easily show off her work. Plus, she likes that the binder is fancy. It matches her room.

What do you do with your little one’s art?