No, Megan’s not pregnant. We have a “one person in diapers at a time” goal.

New Nerd in the Nest

Jake’s brother Nick (also E’s godfather) is coming home to Kansas City after living in Oregon. He’s renting a room from us!

Don’t worry; he has nerd cred. He’s a music nerd. Ask him about any band (new or old) and he’ll give you an earfull of awesomeness.

“I’m OK with progressive hats! Just hold still while wearing…especially if it’s a Taylor…”

Nick’s a little on the shy side, so he probably won’t be starring on the blog too often. But we’re really excited about having him here. Sure, there are cons to living with an adult sibling. Poor Nick will have to deal with a sometimes cranky baby and a camera in his face all of the time. We’ll have to close doors more often and Megan will have to spend more time in bras. But that’s a small price to pay for having an extra person to play with E & J, an in-house musician, a bigger entertainment budget and a better toaster. Woot.

Here’s to living life like we’re in a sit com.