Mardi Gras! We love us some Fat Tuesday. We both took French in high school and at my high school the big French party was Mardi Gras. We blew Cinco de Mayo out of the water.

I was president of French Club my senior year (nerd cred) and organizing a huge Mardi Gras party was one of the most fun things we did all year. I also loved that we sold Mardi Gras beads to raise money for Heifer International, an awesome organization that buys live stalk for impoverished areas around the world so that the people can become self reliant. We sent a water buffalo to Africa.

Side note: When my French teacher, whom I love, found out that I was pregnant with E, she sent me an e-mail entitled “I hear you’ve been working on a little heifer project of your own”. LOL.

Anywho, Jake & I are celebrating this year by making shrimp etouffee and jambalaya. Cajun flavors rock. We’re also having a huge party next Sunday with a Mardi Gras theme (it is really sort of a huse warming/ who-hoo Jonas party). Even though it is kind of weird for us to have a Mardi Gras party, since we’re Straight Edge. Eliza’s really excited about all of the bling.

Here’s to Mardi Gras!

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Are you celebrating Mardi Gras? What are you doing?