Our favorite Thai restaurant in Kansas City, Lulu’s, has become a disappointment. Darn it.

Lulu’s moved about a block down to a new space. Which would be fine, but they also changed their menu. The delicious crab ran goon? Now the same quality as the crummy Chinese delivery places. The ridiculously amazing shrimp and chicken coconut curry? No longer on the menu. Ugh.


We’d like to give Lulu’s the benefit of the doubt (chefs have bad nights, after all), but we don’t think that it will be better next time. We went to Lulu’s with our good friend Steve; it was Steve’s second trip to the new Lulu’s. According to Steve, it was not impressive either time.

You know that the meal is bad if the best part is the house salad (the ginger peanut sauce is to die for). I got crazy noodles (rice vermicelli noodles, thai basil, kaffir lime, lemongrass, and fresh vegetables in a creamy coconut milk broth). It was almost inedible it was so bland. And coconut milk is a strong flavor; it’s hard to make a coconut milk dish bland. The green bell peppers were really the only discernible flavor.The only good part was the heat. The right amount of heat was there. I ordered medium, and it was perfect. Mild enough that it wouldn’t have overpowered the flavor if there had been some, but hot enough that I ordered enough water to keep the waitress thoroughly annoyed.

Steve had rainbow peanut noodles (red bell peppers, scallions, carrots, bean sprouts, cilantro, peanuts, rice noodles, and cucumbers in a peanut sauce). It was bland, the peanut sauce tasted almost like peanut butter, and the cucumbers didn’t fit in with the flavor profile. The first time Steve went to the new Lulu’s his group had similar complaints: bland.

Jake and Eliza shared some chicken fried rice and even that wasn’t good. The rice was seriously overcooked. Eliza had fun eating chopsticks, though, so at least we had a good time.

Dinner at Lulu's

The Old Lulu’s Last Year with Steve and Michelle

We’re not sure if we’ll be back to Lulu’s. It is a little pricey and we don’t want to pay for inedible food again. We’ll wait awhile and ask around to see if things get better. If you are a Kansas Citian and have a good Lulu’s experience, be sure to let us know. Same if you have a good Thai place for us to try in the area. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on trying to make our old favorites at home.