I want to be a writer. Some of you know this. I’m currently editing the manuscript of my first novel. Yay me.

But that’s not why I blog (weirdly enough). I started my first blog to share scrapbooking pages. I loved scrapbooking challenge blogs.

I switched over to this blog because we wanted to blog as a team. And we wanted the blog to be about more than crafting.

Part of the reason I want to be a writer is so that I can make a difference. But this blog is about recording our life, sharing our ideas, and being creative. It isn’t about making a difference. But why can’t it be about that too?

Well, it can be. Because it is ours and we say so. We’re going to get a little bit more real with you once and awhile. Introducing Let’s Get Serious

Let's Get a Serious

It feels a little weird to be doing this as a feature, but we thought it was important to include the same disclaimer every time. These are our opinions. They don’t have to be your opinions. We’d like to hear about what you think, but please don’t be mean to us. Let’s respect each other and talk about it!
We honestly considered doing this on a separate blog. This is tied to our business, after all. But then we decided that it’s okay. It’s okay if someone reads our opinions and then doesn’t buy things from us because they disagree. We do that all of the time. We don’t go to Walmart or buy Nike products (we were really upset when Nike bought Converse) because we don’t believe in their practices. The great thing about handmade is supposed to be having a more personal buying experience, and that includes supporting artists you believe in. It also includes choosing not to support people you don’t support. And that’s fine.

And obviously there’s still going to be a filter. This isn’t 100% realism. Our moms read this blog. So do some of Jake’s co-workers. We’re not going to start talking about our sex life, you know? But there will be a little controversy. Some bloggers have been accused of being fake; we hope that doesn’t happen to us, but we understand if you feel that way. But we’re trying to be honest here.

Most of the things we want to say here are controversial, but not so shocking that you wouldn’t find an article about them in Parenting magazine. The difference is, we have to own these things as our opinions. To people we know AND strangers. Scary.

Another thing: we don’t share all of the same opinions. If a “Let’s Be Serious” post is only coming from one of our perspectives, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Our first Let’s Get Serious post will be tomorrow. But we’re starting off a little light. We’re going to end the post light too. Here’s a little bit of photobooth cute for you:

Jonas is a Rocket Ship!

Jonas and Mommy

Rocket Ship Sweater Bodysuit. It doesn’t get much better than that.