Well, I’m not. But Jake is (so the kids are). We love St. Patty’s day and are spending the whole day proudly wearing emerald green. I made the mistake of forgetting to wear green pajamas, so I woke up with Jake pinching me. Ouch!


Uncle Harvey made sure that Jonas was appropriately showing his pride. How cute is his outfit? Thanks Harv!

Stroller Time

Jake worked a half day from home this morning (while the rest of us were snoozing, quite honestly). As soon as he was done, we set off for Kansas City’s giant St. Patty’s Day parade with two strollers and enough baby accessories to last us all day (read: year).


We live so close to the parade that people were parking in front of our house to walk to it. We had to walk less than a mile to get there. But, of course, that’s a crowded “it almost feels like we’re in New York City there’s so many people on the sidewalk” mile. It was busiest by the Irish bars. Green beer everywhere.

Kelly's on St. Patricks Day

We got an excellent viewing spot during the parade, I thank my punk rock past (I was always awesome at finding a path through the crowd that led right to the front row of the stage). Of course, it is all the more impressive that we did this with two strollers.

Jonas, Jake & Megan

Note: Eli usually doesn’t use a stroller. Even when we go on two or three mile walks, she walks. But we thought she’d like a place to sit during the parade and didn’t want to loose her in the crowd.


We bought E a funny knit hat, but she began the parade with a fixed grumpy face because we wouldn’t buy her a horn or a vuvuzela (no way is one of those coming home with us). It took exactly one horse and one guy dressed as a leprechaun to erase that face.


Who gives a five year old a bottle opener? Someone random on the street, that’s who.

Ren Fest at Kansas City St. Patty's Day Parade

Eliza’s favorite part of the parade was the Renaissance Festival fairies. Not exactly Irish, but okay.

Jake & Jonas

Jonas was very good during the whole parade. He had trouble drinking his bottle, though, because the drums and music kept startling him (I pump breast milk to take with us when we go most places). We also had to do a ninja tag team diaper change in the stroller. We felt awesome and accomplished.



For some reason, our cell phones didn’t work during the parade. We were supposed to meet up with our bestie Harvey, but we didn’t get his text messages until 3 hours after he sent them (too many phone signals in one place?). But he used his awesome critical thinking skills to figure out where we’d be and found us. We think that’s pretty amazing, considering how many people were there.

Kansas City St. Patty's Day Parade

The parade is a big deal in KC, we’ve been holding them since 1873 and a crowd of about 200,000 spectators shows up to wear their green. It is the 9th biggest St. Patrick’s day festival in the country. That might not sound like much, but it is impressive considering Kansas City’s relatively small size. This year’s theme was: “No Small Potatoes: A Tribute to the Wee Irish.”

Westport Flea Market

After the parade, we walked over to Westport Flea Market. Rumored (and voted) to be the best hamburgers in Kansas City. It did not disappoint. But we were to hungry to take pictures of the burgers. We’ll go do a proper post on the Flea soon.

Jonas & Megan

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out outside. It is a gorgeous day!

Now we’re heading to a giant family party. We’ll report back after that!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What do you do?


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