We told you Jonas was a darn big baby and we aren’t liars. He measured in at 13.0 pounds and ranked in the 75 percentile for height and weight. His head circumference was in the 50 percentile. Must be recessive.

Jonas' 2 Month Check-Up

He had to get his shots, poor guy. He screamed bloody murder and then started smiling and cooing at me two minutes later. Trooper.

Megan’s grandpa (aka Poppy) was nice enough to come hang out with Eliza while Jonas and Megan went to the appointment. Juggling multiple kids in the doctor’s office takes a team effort, so we’re really grateful he can help when Meg has to fly solo while Jake is at work.

Jonas' 2 Month Check-Up

Here are the milestones little Jaybird has come to so far:

-Social Smiling (our favorite)

-Lifts his head at a 45 degree angle when on his stomach

-Coos and vocalizes a bit (mostly huuuh and aaaah sigh-like sounds)

-Brings hands to mouth

-Brings hands together

-Follows moving objects

-Recognizes sounds outside of sight range

P.S. We get that non-parents don’t really care about this stuff. For us, this post is more about documentation than sharing.