Jonas turned three months on the 29th, so we thought we’d give you a little update! Here’s what’s new with Jonas since his two month check up (because we know we’ll have forgotten by the time I get around to scrapbooking).

Jonas at 3 months

-We’re not sure how much he weighs because our scale is broken, but he’s currently transitioning from 3-6 month clothes to 6-9 month clothes. He’s a chunk.

-He’s holding his head up at a 90 degree angle when he’s on his tummy.

-He’s rolling from his tummy to his back. But only when I do not have the camera in my hand.

-He’s sleeping through the night most nights.

-He’s going through way more diapers per day than the average baby. This kid is a pee machine.

-He makes squeals and vowel sounds, but we haven’t gotten a big belly laugh out of him yet. Jake will probably make a post the second Jonas gives a good laugh. Laughs are Jake’s favorite baby milestone.

Jonas at 3 months

-He’s pushing up with his arms when he’s on his tummy sometimes.

-He is starting to notice things more. He’s suddenly very interested in the kitties. Poor kitties. He’ll be chasing them around soon.

-He’s started to self sooth by sucking on his fist. He’s never been into pacifiers.

-He loves ceiling fans and Antarctica (he stares at his map a lot).

-He sleeps with both of his arms straight up. I slept like that a few nights ago and I can see why he does it.

-He likes music with a lot of bass.

-He always looks confused when we take walks. “This? Is this the world? Out here? Like this? What’s up with this sunshine thing?”

-He loves snuggling with me & E while we read books.

-He thinks Daddy and Uncle Nick are hilarious.

-He has Uncle Harvey’s fashion sense.

Jonas at 3 months

Jonas is a chill guy. We’re so very lucky to have had two babies with calm temperaments in a row. We can’t wait to see how he’ll change and grow this month!