We’re famous. Sort of. A little bit. Well, not really.

Today we received a magazine in the mail. It was in a brown envelope, which was weird. Straight from the publisher, which was weirder. And it was addressed to Megan & Jake, whereas all of our magazines are addressed to just one of us. Weirdest.

Jake was at work, so I started flipping through the magazine, which seemed like it was created for me. Maybe we were chosen for some sort of test group based on our tastes? Because the magazine, Flea Market Style, is pretty much perfect for any vintage lover. Most vintage that we see in magazines is cottage chic or overly opulent, but the design in this magazine is fresh, contemporary, and DIY friendly. Perfect. So why did we get a random copy in the mail?

We're in Flea Market Style!!!

Then I remembered that one of our photos had been requested for a publication a while back. I just assumed that it was for a handmade, printed-in-my-basement, sold at craft shows zine kind of thing. But here I was holding a real magazine in my hands. This couldn’t be why it was sent to us, could it?

I flipped briefly through the pages again, but nothing popped out at me. I combed through carefully and there we were! I immediately called Jake and we then called pretty much everyone we know.

We're in Flea Market Style!!!

We know that the “cool” and “professional” thing to do on blogs when you get publicity is to humbly thank the source and then move on. Act like you don’t care all that much and that you really did THEM the honor of getting to feature YOU. But we’re honest. WE GEEKED OUT. This is a big deal to us. And we’re bouncing off the walls excited about it.

We're in Flea Market Style!!!