DIY Typeography Art Finished

I bet you can guess who wrote this love note!

Jake and I write love notes to each other still. We have lockers in our entryway, and we stick little notes in each other’s lockers with magnets. Looks like we still haven’t grown out of some things.

When we decided to do typography art, we knew we wanted to put it in our bedroom. So what would be more perfect than painting our love notes to each other?

What you’ll need:

DIY Typeography Art Supplies

-stretched canvas (we used 16 inches x 20 inches)
-ruler/straight edge
-letter stickers* (we used foam American Crafts’ Thickers)
-acrylic paint
-paint brushes
-paper towel/cloth
-tweezers (optional)

*If you don’t have stickers you are willing to get all paint covered on hand, you can also use a die cut machine or hand cut your letters with a craft knife.

Step 1: Measure

DIY Typeography Art Step 1

Measure the height of your letters. Ours were one and a half inches tall.

Lightly draw guidelines on your canvas with a pencil using a straight edge and ruler. The space between each line should be even and should be slightly larger than the height of your letters. We chose to include two inches between each line. (Note: We used a quilting ruler with a “lip”, which makes drawing straight lines easier.)

When you are done your canvas will look like blank notebook paper, like this:

DIY Typeography Art Step 2

Step 2: Spell it Out

DIY Typeography Art Step 3

Begin spelling out your phrase with the letter stickers. We just continued until we ran out of the letters that we needed. Our sticker pack got us two rows before we ran out of vowels. (Note: If you want to be able to see the whole layout before you paint, you will most likely need multiple packs of stickers.

Step 3: Start Painting

DIY Typeography Art Step 4

Paint only the rows that you have filled with letters. Make sure to get the area around each letter completely, as your stickers are working as reverse stencils. (Eliza helped with this part, the painting steps are kid friendly).

Step 4: Move it on Down

DIY Typeography Art Step 5

After you paint your first few rows, begin putting the stickers on the subsequent rows. Again, keep going until you run out of letters. Remove the letters you’ve already used as you need them. It may help to remove already used stickers with tweezers. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until your phrase is complete.

Step 5: Fill it in

DIY Typeography Art Step 6

Fill in any unused rows with paint.

Step 6: Remove all Stickers

DIY Typeography Art Step 7

Again, this step may be easier if you use tweezers. The finished product will be less messy if you wait for the paint to dry, but we like messy around here.

Step 7: Touch up/ Fill in

DIY Typeography Art Finished

You have the option of filling in or outlining your letters to get a cleaner look. If you do this, be careful about the colors you choose because you can easily loose a lot of your contrast. We choose to just fill in a few of the letters.

The filled in letters spell “I looked”. We’re finishing up a version that is Jake’s love note to me. His filled in letters spell “I found”. Aw.

We’ll be sure to post the second one when they are both finished and hung.

We hope you love this DIY! Please link up here if you try this!