We needed a little extra help organizing our entryway. We put our lockers by the front door (100 year old houses rarely have coat closets), but Eliza couldn’t reach the hook in her locker to hang her jacket. And the arrangement didn’t leave us anywhere to put our hats.

So we upcycled a vintage hat rack.

Before & After: Hat Rack

The before might not look so bad, but it was a mess up close. There were jewel stickers on some of the pegs. There was some kind of adhesive residue at the joints. The paint was uneven and yellow paint showed through in places. So we cleaned it with adhesive remover, sanded, cleaned it again, and layered three light coats of gray spray paint.

After: Hat Rack

This was a really simple project, but it made a big difference!

P.S. This post can serve as a before picture for those pink chairs.