One of the things that we found confusing after buying holly house was the lack of door on the master bathroom. Another was the light fixtures. All through the house, the light fixtures had been changed, except for the entryway, the two kids’ rooms, and the living room. (Go to our Holly House Before post and compare the ceiling fans in the master bedroom and the living room. Explain that one to us.) You’d think that the lights in the entryway and living room would be the first two changed as they are the first thing one sees when walking into the house. But no, we had gaudy gold entryway chandelier and apartment ceiling fan.


No more! We took that ugly gold thing down and made lemonade. Two coats of aqua spray paint later and a little black for the “candlestick” parts, and Eliza had her dream light. She was so excited when Jake hung this in her room.

B&A Chandelier

We put a boring light fixture in the entryway. Our lockers and globe collection are there now, so we didn’t want anyhthing fancy that distracted from the globes. We intended to take a picture of that as well, but it is all rainy and gloomy in Kansas City today. Maybe tomorrow will be better photography weather.