We’re at DIYing again! This time we attacked the kitchen. I wanted a chalkboard to put our menu/ things we need on. I’m always loosing my grocery list and forgetting why I bought the food that I bought (plus we like any excuse to make things into chalkboards).

B&A Kitchen Cabinet Chalkboard

We don’t really have a lot of free wall space because our kitchen is open to the dining room and the breakfast room. There wasn’t really room to hang a chalkboard. So we got brave and painted the side of a cabinet. And we love it!

Kitchen Cabinet Chalkboard

This was our first time using regular chalkboard paint rather than spray paint. We thought the spray paint would be a bad idea in the kitchen. We were worried that it would be a pain, but using the regular paint was super easy! We just applied it with a foam brush (after taping off the edges to prevent getting paint on the cabinet doors and the counter). It took about four coats that way, but each coat dried super fast. So it didn’t take long. Start to finish, including drying time between coats, was twelve hours.

Well, it's not perfect

We love it, but we have some touching up to do. I put the tape up, so one of the lines isn’t as straight as we’d like it to be. And the painters tape didn’t make the edges perfect. We’ll go back later with a teeny paint brush to touch up. But for now we were to excited to use it to take the time to touch up!