Week 9

Day 57. Jake, Jonas, & Megan went to Grinders with Harvey. Eliza went to Spanish class in the morning and spent the night with her grandparents at night.

Day 58. Megan needs a haircut. Hah! We walked to Jerusalem Bakery again and attacked our house with awesomeness.

Day 59. We’ve been painting furniture in Eliza’s room, so she slept on a pile of blankets and pillows in our room this week. It has been like a slumber party.

Day 60. Jonas had his 2 month check-up.

Day 61. Click!

Day 62. Megan’s family came over for dinner. That’s Poppy (Megan’s grandpa); Megan’s Aunt Beth and her husband Brad also came over. Eliza is named after Beth (E’s middle name is Beth, so her name is Eliza Beth instead of Elizabeth). We try to have dinner with this bunch most weeks. P. S. Chicken alfredo tastes bland after eating chicken carbanara.

Day 63. Sibling love.