Week 12

Day 78. Our friend Matt Briles came over! We were very excited to see him, we hadn’t gotten to hang out with him since October last year (yikes!). He lives far away from us now, where he is the king of Target in a college town. He brought his dog Pav (Like Pavlov’s Dog? Get it?), who looked like a fox. Yay!

Day 79. It was lovely out. Which is more than I can say for the rest of this week; we even got snow! We spent a lot of time outside. God bless sidewalk chalk.

Day 80. We celebrated our 7 year dating anniversary (with a blog party. We had a hot date at Cheesecake Factory (with Jonas). Yum!

Day 81. Jonas rolled over for the first time! Belly to back. He had a fluke awile back, but this time was for real. He did it for about 30 mins over and over again and was so excited! He kept kicking his legs and making his excited “huuuuuhh” noise.

Day 82. There was a lot more rolling.

Day 83. Jake caught me while I was cooking. Not me at my most attractive, but this is what I actually look like most of the time. Pony tail, sports bra. More on why mom frumpyness is awesome later.

Day 84. There was a huge party on Jake’s side of the family because his cousin Dan & his wife Sara were in town. That’s their baby Miles (7 months) on the far left (Eliza asked if they named him Miles because he lives far away- hah!). The baby on the right is Karson (6 mos). It is so cool that Jonas has so many cousins his age. We’ll blog about that more soon.