365 2011: Week 11

Day 71. We spent a good deal of the day cleaning. Taylor (my sister) and Savanna (Jake’s sister) both spent the night. Nick helped keep Eliza entertained with Little Big Planet (she’s terrible at video games, but she has fun dressing up the sack people).

Day 72. Party! We had a big Mardi Gras/ Open House/ Meet Jonas party for our family (mostly Jake’s side). Pictured here is Jake’s dad, Jonas, & Nick. Taylor and Savannah were regretting spending the night, because they had to help us clean all morning.

Day 73. We were exhausted from the party, so we just chilled. Jonas is showing Superman love. We get him to smile by tickling his cheeks.

Day 74. It was gorgeous out, so we took a walk to Tea Drops, our favorite tea shop. We were so happy that our friend James called us on the way! He lives about three hours away, so we hadn’t gotten to see him for a long time. Yay! Our friends Harvey and Lisa also randomly joined us. That’s one of the cool things about living next to awesome shops; people visit you randomly more often.

Day 75. We hung out with James some more and our friend Sami came to visit with her little boy. We took a nice long walk through the neighborhood when Jake got home. Pictured is Eliza coloring in pencil in front of someone’s house. Hope they enjoy thier stick person.

Day 76. St. Patrick’s Day!

Day 77. I honestly have no idea what we did on Friday. The Grease Fire erased my memory of everything else that happened. But aren’t the kitties pretty?