365 2011: Week 10

Day 64. National let’s try to DIY awesome curtains day (just kidding). My mom ( a.k.a. Mimi) came over to help me make curtains for our very large front window. We’ll be sharing the finished product soon, but it is taking FOREVER (thanks Mom). In this photo my mom, my sister Taylor, and Jonas are at the awesome local craft store Urban Arts and Crafts. We’re going to be blogging about the awesomeness of this store sometime this week. Us ladies (and Jonas) also went to lunch at the yummy Mexican restaurant Manny’s. Jake ate at Jerusalem Bakery AGAIN.

Day 65. Nick came home!!! We also took Eliza to see Gnomeo and Juliet in theaters. My grandpa (Poppy) came over to watch Jonas so we could have some two-on-one time with E. Thanks Pop!

P.S. The movie was super cute. It made us want a super tacky yard (now that we have a yard). Also, I didn’t know that I have most of the play memorized until I watched this. But I knew when they were paraphrasing and I knew the real words. You’d think this would be from classic nerd cred because I actually read Shakespeare for fun (which is true), but it is actually because I, like every other girl in my generation, went through a Leonardo Dicaprio phase.

Day 66. Mr. Jonas is now sleeping through the night. He goes to sleep the same time as Jake, so I get a few hours of quiet time (for reading). Jonas then wakes up to eat while Jake is getting ready for work and then goes back to sleep for three additional hours. This means I get quiet time and 8 almost unbroken hours of sleep! Hopefully he doesn’t start teething soon; I want to enjoy this while it lasts.

Day 67. E has a super cute sense of style. She loves wearing things that I make. You can tell that she put this headband on by herself. Though honestly, I wouldn’t have done much better. This was Mardi Gras, and we had my mom, sister, and dad over for jambalaya.

Day 68. Jake is so pretty. He wants to get lasik surgery eventually, but I do love those glasses. Eliza also woke up with gum in her hair on this day. It was easy to get out (we only had to cut a wisp), but she was very very upset. Well, now she knows not to fall asleep chewing gum.

Day 69. It was a beautiful day outside! We’re glad to finally have some Spring-like weather around here; we love playing outside. E is really into soccer right now, we need to find her a league to play in for Spring (she played last summer). But it is hard to find teams in her age group.

Day 70. We had some friends over for dinner (hi Tiffany!), which was delicious. But we forgot to get good photos of that part. But we did have pictures of Eliza and Jake painting little ceramic magnets. My little sister also spent the night :)