Tonight I made Rachel Ray’s Broccoli Soup with Ham-and-Swiss Toasts for the first time. Click on the link to see the recipe. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Even Jake (the nest’s pickiest eater) loved it. Which is amazing, because of the high ratio of veggies.

 Broccoli Soup with Ham-and-Swiss Toasts

Tip: I totally cut out the entire prep time by prepping and cooking at the same time. I cut up the onion while the pan was warming, peeled and chopped the potatoes while the onions were cooking, cut the broccoli while the water was boiling, etc.

Changes made: None of us like the texture of onions, so I pureed them before adding the potatoes and water. I also doubled the amount of heavy cream (not the healthiest move, I know).

What I’d change for next time: I’m pretty sure I’m going to nix the mayonnaise next time. The toasts would have been way better without it.

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