We Love 2

1. Xochitl Tortilla Chips: These chips are the closest to true restaurant style we’ve come across. They are super thin and crispy, plus they are au naturale. They keep forever too; we’ve never had a bag go stale.

2. Wholly Guacamole: The best companion to the above mentioned chips. This is a favorite snack of Megan & E’s (we are actually going to eat some now). God bless the avocado.

3. Carter’s Heathered Long Sleeve Bodysuits: These are super soft and oh-so-comfy. They are Jonas’ favorite thing to wear right now.

4. Glow in the Dark Solar System: We’re using these as Jonas’ mobile. He loves that they glow in the dark (so does Eliza). Extra points for being educational & inexpensive.

5. Fisher Price Record Player: We were so excited to learn that Fisher Price was re-releasing some of their vintage toys! We had been looking for a vintage one of these forever with no luck. Eliza loves to play her records just like Mom & Dad; it has a permanent place next to the real record player.

6.Gerber Prefold Birdseye Diapers: We don’t actually use these as diapers, even though we’re going with cloth. They’re too bulky for little Jonas for now. Instead we use them as burp cloths and as impromptu changing pads. We also lay one down under Jonas’ rear when we change him so we don’t have to wash his changing pad cover so often.

7. Delicious Library 2: This program caused us to nerd out even more than usual. What is it? A cataloging system. Why is that exciting? Because you just hold up a bar code to your web cam, and it automatically scans it and adds it to your library. You can add things by name and isbn number as well. You can virtually catalog your books, movies, games, tools, etc. This is very useful to us because, friends, we have a ton of books. We started a virtual shelf of to-read books. You can “check out” items to friends so you can keep track of who has borrowed what. It also shows you the value of books. One of our tiny books written by a professor we had our Freshman year of college is worth almost $300.00! We would have never known that. Awesome!