We Love 1

1. Noir Body Wash: It’s hard to find a good smelling manly body wash. Maybe most guys can’t imagine maintaining their manliness with a poof in hand. But regular soap dries out Jake’s skin too much, so we’ve been searching for the perfect shower gel, poof be hanged. He really wanted to like Old Spice fragrances because we love the commercials (this post is now diamonds), but the search continued. He finally found Noir out of boredom; he was keeping himself entertained in the tiny men’s section at Bath and Body Works while I bought gifts in the store. We stocked up during a sale since B&BW has a habit if discontinuing every fragrance we like.

2. World Market Porcelain Measuring Cups and Spoons: These are porcelain, so the look much prettier sitting out in the kitchen than our previous measuring spoons. We also love the font; we’re suckers for typography. They are super easy to clean and don’t stain. The downside: they can break. Jake just bought me a new set because I dropped mine on the floor last week. I’m the hugest klutz in the kitchen. Good thing they’re affordable.

3. Bundaberg Peachee: This peach fruit drink is so peachy you can feel the fuzz on your tongue! We’ve been searching for a good peach drink since Stewarts Soda stopped making our beloved peach pop. The Aussies know what they are doing with this one; it is delicious!

4. Littlest Pet Shop: Eliza loves playing with these. She got a ton from Santa and is now obsessed. They are great for her imagination and also teach her responsibility: they have little tiny accessories to keep track of. Plus they’re cute. And for those of you on the Blythe wagon, she’s teamed up with LPS as the animals’ super cute owner.

5. Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym: Jonas loves his new play mat! It is great for tummy time and distract him while I’m trying to do something important by myself during the day (like go to the bathroom). We like that it comes with so many toys, like a pillow, teething ring, mirror, and light-up music player. There are 12 toys in all. Jonas isn’t reaching for anything yet, but he loves looking at himself in the mirror. Added bonus: it is super easy to clean. It has already needed a trip trough the washing machine.

6. Munchkin Diaper Wipe Warmer: Even though we aren’t using disposable wipes, this diaper wipe warmer is one of the best things we’ve bought for Jonas. We use baby wash clothes with our cloth diapers, and this warmer keeps them moist and keeps them from freezing little Jonas’ tooshie. The wipe warmer was recommended to us by a maternity nurse that does cloth while we were in the hospital.