Like I said yesterday, our break from all things crafty is finally over! The first thing I attacked was my December Daily album, which documented our December days leading up to Christmas.

You can see the beginning of the book here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

December Daily: Cover After

Day 16 & Day 17

focused on Jake’s little brother Corbin’s band concert and Eli dancing.

December Daily: Day 16 & 17

Journaling Day 16: We went to Corbin’s Christmas music concert – it was great! Eliza can’t wait to be big enough to play. She’ll be a Mozart!

Journaling Day 17: Eli can’t stop dancing since we watched the Nutcracker. I bought the record for her She loves it!

Day 18

focused on the awesome Plaza Anderson Christmas/wedding party.

December Daily: Day 18 & 19

Journaling Day 18: Anderson Christmas Party/ Paul & Sara’s Wedding Party @ Danny & Katie’s

Day 19

opens up to reveal photos of us making a ginger bread house.

December Daily: Day 19

December Daily: Day 19

December Daily: Day 19

Journaling Day 19: Poppy bought us a gingerbread house kit because Jake was talking about how much he wanted to make one this year. We had a LOT of fun putting it together, but all in all it was an EPIC FAIL. The house collapsed three times until it was broken beyond repair. So, we thought we’d taste it. BIG MISTAKE. Yuk!

Day 20 & 21

focused on Jake’s older brother Nick’s visit from Oregon and our Christmas decorations.

December Daily: Days 20 & 21

Journaling Day 20: Uncle Nick came home for Christmas from Oregon. He stayed with us, making him our first house guest. We were all so glad to see him!

Journaling Day 21: I love that we have special ornaments from my childhood! This snowman was Grammy and Poppy’s. It lights up in three colors. It was my favorite and Eliza loves it now!

Day 22 & 23
focuses on the dress my mother-in-law bought me due to the giant baby bump and cookie making!
December Daily: Days 22 & 23

Journaling Day 22: Rita bought me a pretty sweater dress, so I had something to wear other than sweats for the holidays!

Journaling Day 23: We love making Christmas cookies! We always make to many. We also celebrated Christmas with Papa Clay and Carol today!

Day 24 & 25

focused on our holiday happenings.

December Daily: Day 25

Journaling Day 24: Christmas Eve was less hectic than normal because we were waiting for Jonas to come and didn’t wat to stray too far from home. The Anderson’s came and we opened presents. After that we went to Grandpa Ray’s.

December Daily: Day 25

Journaling Day 25: We actually had to wake Eliza up in the morning! But then we realized that we were out of batteries in our camera! There’s no stopping the rout to presents though, so we don’t have any pictures of Christmas! We had a great time hanging out at home. Poppy came to see us and Mimi and Papa brought us dinner. It was nice to have a laid back holiday; Eli loved having time to ding into her gifts. The only disappointment was that Jonas didn’t come. His due date was today.

Back Cover

December Daily: Back Cover