Week 8

Day 50. Eliza’s first day of the Spring session of her Spanish Class was today! She missed going to Spanish class (we skipped the winter session because of the baby and the move). She had a ton of fun. She also loved playing on the playground after class with the other kids. She spent the night at her Granny-ma’s house (Jake’s mom). The rest of the nest went out for some neighborhood Indian food with Megan’s mom (aka Mimi). Jonas wore his “little brother” onesie (thanks Uncle Harvey!) in protest of Eliza’s abandonment.

Day 51. We went on a nice long walk (sans Eliza, who was still at her Grandma’s) and ate at Jake’s favorite restaurant, Jerusalem Bakery. Eliza spent the night at Granny-ma’s again, her Aunt Savannah watched her on President’s Day since school was out.

Day 52. Jonas and Megan had a lazy day at home. It was so nice and quiet!

Day 53. Eliza and her marshmallow Peeps. The grown-ups in the house think Peeps are disgusting, but we let Eli get a package of her very own because they are so cute. Megan has fond peep memories from Sophomore chemistry. The class would melt them with acid, put them in a vacuum, and set them on fire (Peeps make smoke rings, but you have to dry them out first) in the name of science.

Day 54. We all broke out into dance randomly before dinner. Kisses and air-helicoptering included.

Day 55. Jonas can sit up by himself! For about 2 seconds. He was very proud of himself.

Day 56. Snow again? We thought spring was about to be sprung. Guess not. We have a big basket full of scarves, gloves, and hats by the front door so that we can bundle up in style easily. We thought it was funny that Eliza chose the giant vaguely Russian-looking hat.