Week 7

Day 43. Uncle Harvey came to visit! It is so funny that he was scared to hold Eliza when she was a baby but was first in line to hold Mr. Jonas. He just lives down the street, so he comes to visit all of the time.

Day 44. Eliza coming home from her grandparents’ (her Abba and Grandpa Timmy). She has four grandparent sets and she spends the night over at their houses one night almost every weekend.

Day 45. Valentine’s Day! We pick these two as our Valentines.

Day 46. It is Jake’s personal mission to make Jonas laugh. He spends tons of time making silly faces and sounds. Jonas is smiling and cooing now, but the closest we get to laughs this early on is a drawn out “haaaaa” coo noise.

Day 47. Jonas is obsessed with the ceiling fan. This is J, captivated.

Day 48. This was a lovely day, we spent most of it outside. Eliza, Jonas, and I took a long walk around the neighborhood and to a coffee shop. We colored with sidewalk chalk on the porch. Poppy (Megan’s grandpa) brought Jake’s new desk over (we’ll show you later this week). Megan’s little sister Taylor & her boyfriend came over for dinner; Eliza and I made gingerbread letter cookies.

49. Jake trying to make Jonas giggle again. We get smiles most easily by lightly tickling Jonas’ tummy and cheeks.