365 2011 Week 5

Day 29. It was FINALLY nice enough outside to do a photo shoot for our Typewriter Update.

Day 30. Eliza eating the special Cupcake Cones she made with her Mimi.

Day 31. Megan and Jonas. He’s a lot more interested in ceiling lights and fans than Daddy and the camera.

Day 32. Snowpocalypse. Like many others in the US, we had a giant blizzard. Jake worked from home to avoid driving in the snow.

Day 33. Jake and Eli tried to build a snowman, but the snow was to powdery. They built a fort instead.

Day 34. Jonas is getting giant! Even though he’s a month old in this photo, he’s wearing 3-6 month sized clothes. We retired most of his newborn and 1-3 month clothes on this day.

Day 35. Eliza spent the night at her grandparents’, so Jake and I went on a hot date to Noodles and Company. Sure, we brought Jonas, but we’re still counting it as a date.

365 2011 Week 6

Day 36. We spent a lot of time playing dress up this week. Eliza LOVES the new fairy costume she got for her birthday. She’d be wearing it out and about if it were warmer.

Day 37. Jonas got a new toy: Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym. He likes looking at the toys, but he’s not reaching for them yet.

Day 38. Look at those giant piggies! Jonas keeps getting bigger. He’s growing like a weed.

Day 39. Megan posing for her January Reads post. Megan also went on a tour of the charter school we want E to go to this year… but more on that later.

Day 40. Jonas loves his Graco swing. There’s no way we’d be able to eat an entire meal with all hands on deck without it.

Day 41. Eliza had her 5 year check up today. We spent weeks talking about and preparing her for the shots part of the check up. She was very brave. The doctors say she’s healthy and smart! She’s tiny, 25 percentile for height and weight.

Day 42. Eliza chefing it up. Jake and E made a big breakfast and E was very proud to be Daddy’s helper.