365 2011 Week 4

Day 22. Eliza’s birthday party.

Day 23. Diaper changing is at least 1/6 of a baby’s day. So we thought we needed to get some tasteful photos of the activity. Here’s Jake and Jonas caught in the act. Just in case you’re wondering, we have a diaper changing system. We take turns when we are both home, except for during-the-week sleeping hours (those are all Megan’s since Jake gets less sleep). Jake gets all of the nighttime weekend diapers. It works for us and keeps our workload feeling even steven.

Day 24. Our snugly kitties, Ashes (the lighter female) and Charcoal (the dark male). They follow us around trying to get us to pet them constantly (especially when we are trying to do bathroom sorts of things for some reason). When we aren’t available, they snuggle each other.

Day 25. Well hello there bright eyes! It is SO HARD to get photos of Jonas with his eyes open. He usually has one eye half shut or looks like he’s on drugs (don’t worry, he’s not). It took about 30 shots to get this one. That’s a normal ratio for kid portraits though. Thirty bad shots for every one good one.

Day 26. Good shots two days in a row! This took dedication. Ignore the dried up milkies around his mouth, please.

Day 27. Eliza, caught in the act of making a huge mess. We might not be in Kansas any more (even though we live about a mile from the Kansas/Missouri boarder), but that doesn’t stop a daily tornado from tearing its way through E’s room daily. And she looks so innocent. There will be some toy corralling DIYs coming your way soon, so maybe we can take a non-close up shot of Eliza in her room without dying of embarrassment.

Day 28. Yawns are contagious, don’t you know?