Welcome to our new feature – 365 2011! Megan’s New Years Resolution was to do a 365. For those of you unfamiliar with 365 projects there are a ton of flickr groups dedicated to them. Most are like this one where the aim is to take a self portrait every day. We want to document our daily lives, so we’re just wanting to take a photo every day. We don’t care so much what’s in it. Megan’s going to scrapbook the process as well… but she realistically won’t start until Jonas is a little bigger. It’s hard to squeeze in craft time when you have a newborn to tend to.

Without further ado, here’s Week 1 of our 365!

365 2011 Week 1

Day 1. We got to bring Jonas home from the hospital! He looks so tiny engulfed in his car seat.

Day 2. Jonas and Eliza getting to know each other… which means snuggle time. Eliza is an expert snuggler and Jonas is more than happy to learn from the master.

Day 3. Jonas’s first check up! He weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz. We scheduled an appointment for the next week to make sure that he got back to his birth weight (he weighed in at 8 lbs 7 oz week 2).

Day 4. Eliza and her Grandpa (Megan’s Dad) playing with Moon Dough. Which feels weird. Megan’s Dad and Stepmom were awesome enough to bring us over dinner and make sure E got some 1 on 1 time. We love that so many of our family members were nice enough to make sure we didn’t have to cook the first two weeks we had J.

Day 5. Silly geese.

Day 6. Notice how the faces are normal when the photo is with Mommy. Not so much when the photo is with Daddy. This is also the day that Jake went back to work.

Day 7. Eliza was reading Jonas and Jake a bedtime story on her Leap Frog pad. Jake and Jonas feel asleep so she carried on solo.

365 2011 Week 2

Day 8. Eliza’s Birthday! Read all about it here.

Day 9. Showcases Eliza’s style. She definitely leans towards the funky. We can’t wait to see what she wants to wear when she’s a teenager.

Day 10. Snuggle time. That’s honestly most of what we’re doing around here these days.

Day 11. We got our first big snow of the year. Jake and E played outside and made snow angels and tried (unsuccessfully) to make a snow man. Eliza figured out how to make a snow slide using our retaining wall instead.

Day 12. Jonas’s first tubby! Read about it here.

Day 13. Daddy & Jonas, looking cool like always.

Day 14. Eliza brushing her teeth in her supper cool glow in the dark dinosaur footie jammies. We actually bought these pajamas when Eliza was a baby. It was the only size available, and we liked them so much we saved them for five years until they fit 🙂

We hope you enjoyed this peak into our lives! We are so excited to be documenting this year in photos and words!