Here’s the rest of our Jonas story!

Baby Jonas

Right after Mr. Jonas was born, we warmed up in the recovery room. I had a Kill Bill moment (“Move your big toe”) when I still couldn’t move my legs at all.

Jake and I had fun chatting with our awesome labor and delivery nurse while we were waiting; she helped me through the 12 hours of labor before my C-section. We found out that she went to school with Jake’s dad. It is crazy that we spent all day with her before we realized this connection! We found out because we started talking about the farmer’s market Jake’s grandma used to sell bread at. We don’t get many of those small world moments with a last name like Anderson. People don’t think to ask “do you know so and so” because they figure you aren’t related.

We were chatting for 20 minutes before I realized that Jonas was warming in the recovery room with us! I though he was in the nursery because I couldn’t turn to see behind me where he was. Jake assumed I knew he was in there! Jonas was quiet the whole time. I FINALLY got to hold him about an hour after he was born.

First Family Photo (Sans Eliza)

Eliza didn’t get to come see him the night he was born because she had a bit of a cold. She wasn’t to happy she had to wear the itchy face mask when she came to see us the next day. We told her that she looked like Shredder from the Ninja Turtles. That made it a little cooler. She saved it for me so I could scrapbook it, which was very considerate of her. (Side note: She MADE the candy necklace that she’s wearing in the photo below, which is pretty darn cool).

Eliza's First Time Holding Jonas

She thought he looked “So cute!” She just wants to snuggle him all of the time. She was really worried about me though, we could tell she was concerned that I didn’t look 100%.

Jonas was amazing. He is really laid back and is not a crier (unless he’s cold). I forgot how amazing and awe inspiring every little baby facial expression is when they are yours. I honestly think babies in general are pretty boring. But we spent hours just looking at him.

Jonas and Daddy -3 days

Jake was a total lifesaver at the hospital. He slept there every night and only left to get non-hospital food and to feed the kitties and the hedgehog once a day. I didn’t even change one diaper until we got back home. That was my very first boy diaper; I totally got peed on.

Jake and I make a good team through the stressful moments. Jonas is a really good baby so far, but we did have a few rough patches. On New Year’s Eve Jonas skipped a feeding and got so mad about it that he couldn’t latch on because he was too focused on yelling. He switched between yelling and sleeping for three hours before we could get him to eat. Jake was there the whole time as an extra pair of hands. Jonas was happy again by the time the ball dropped and we toasted the new year in with apple juice out of those tiny 8 oz cups. I also think Jake and I both developed tiny crushes on Anderson Cooper.

That was really the only Jonas related hiccup that we met during our hospital stay, though I had a few on my own. One of the nurses was an hour late with my pain medication once, which just happened to coincide with me needing to go to the bathroom. Hardest five foot walk ever. I started crying on the way back to my bed. Then the nurse lectured me for not letting them know that they forgot my medication (while I was crying). The rest of the nurses were amazing, but I was not a fan of that one, needless to say.

My doctor cleared me to go home after two days if I wanted, but I decided that I wasn’t ready due to the aforementioned bathroom trip fail. I thought I’d give it an extra day before I tackled the stairs.

True to Nerd Nest spirit, Jonas’s first outfit was vintage. The little terry cloth jammies that Jonas came home in were Jake’s when he was a baby. Eliza wore them too. They were the only thing that really fit Eli for the first week or so. Jonas is much longer and fills out the newborn clothes better.

Jonas comes home - 4 days

Those little mittens don’t have thumb holes; they’re like hand socks. We LOVE them. Jonas has been out thrice since his homecoming: once to go to his first doctor’s visit, once to get doughnuts (which he slept through) and once to go to Target (during which trip we had two diaper changes AND I had to nurse him in the Target Starbucks). The little mittens have done a great job of keeping him nice and toasty.

Eliza is glad to be back home and has been a HUGE help. We make sure to include her in the boring baby stuff as much as possible since it takes up so much time. Her job is to jingle toys and sing when we change his diaper, which distracts him and keeps him happy. She’s proud to be such a big help.

Eliza and Jonas

We’ve also made sure to schedule Eliza time while Jonas is sleeping so that she gets to play a board game or do a project one-on-one with us at least once a day. It has also helped that our friends and family have brought her some goodies when they come to visit so that it isn’t all about Jonas. Little things like Play Dough and coloring books are great big sibling presents because it tells them people are thinking about them too AND it helps to keep them occupied.

Eliza and Jonas

I’m filled with joy that I get to spend every day with these two yahoos.

Jonas - 4 days

Today was my first day with Jake back at work, which was scary but went just fine. Eliza watched more cartoons than I’d generally allow, but I got to take a nap. Parenting is a trade-off. I am also so glad to be able to get to do small around-the-house things again. The hardest part of the C-section has been being banished to the second floor. I like to get things done and can’t stand feeling like I’m not productive. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m getting the Mom stuff done and that’s way more important than having a perfectly clean house or a finished December Daily album (three pages away from being done!).