We’ve finally cracked our little Eggie; Mr. Jonas David was born at 5:18 P.M. Wednesday, December 29th 2010!

Jonas - 5 days

But getting him hatched was no easy feat. He was due on Christmas, but decided he’d rather stay in the nice warm womb as long as possible. We decided with our doctor on Monday, December 27th to induce labor on Wednesday, December 29th if he hadn’t come on his own by then.

Eliza spent the night with her wonderful grandparents, armed with days worth of crafty activities (including some pretty awesome make-your-own candy necklaces) and Jake and I headed to the hospital at 4:30 A.M. to try and convince little Jonas to come. Things started out great. Labor was progressing good, my labor & delivery nurse was amazing (she taught me how to do pelvic rocking during contractions, which I highly recommend).

But about 12 hours in things started to go a little South. Jonas started to have “lates” in his heart rate. This happens when the fetal heart rate drops below the baseline heart rate and doesn’t correlate correctly with the contractions, which is caused by the oxoygen level in the fetal blood. This was SCARY. Even though the doctor and nurses assured us that everything is going to be okay, hearing Jonas’s heart beat slow and pause sporadically turned us into nervous wrecks. On top of this, Jonas wouldn’t let me into certain positions, suggesting that there was a problem in there with the imbilical cord. Also, I stopped dialating after 6 cm (which is when things should be speeding up, not slowing down). My doctor did everything that he could to get things back on track, but Jonas was distressed so I ended up having to get a Cecarian.

Jake, being the nerd he is, watched a C-section on You Tube before we went in so he’d know exactly what was going on. Ew. He said that the few minutes waiting for them to prep me before he could come into the OR were some of the scariest moments of his life.

But everything went fine. It is amazing to me that I worked for 12 hours to get this little guy into the world to no avail, and it only took the doctors five minutes to get him out. Jake wasn’t supposed to look over the little curtain (dads faint), but he did anyway. Again with the Ew. I hated not getting to hold Jonas right away, but they peaked his little blue head over the curtain before going to clean him up. Jake rushed back and forth between Jonas and I, taking pictures with our digital camera so that I could see what he looked like.

Jonas - Brand Spankin' New

Of course, he looked like a combination of angry and extraordinarily beautiful. Seven pounds, twelve ounces (four ounced bigger than Eli was) and 21 inches long. We spent the time they were stitching me up deciding who he looks like (he is me 3.0 : version boy).

Eliza is smug about all of this, by the way. She laughed for a good ten minutes after she learned the body part that babies come out of a few months back. Now she thinks it’s funny that her first assumption was correct – the doctors DID pull the baby out of my tummy.

7 lb 12 oz

That’s our birth story! We’ll be back soon with tales of our hospital stay, homecoming, and how our little family is adjusting to having a new little one in the house.

Jonas - Brand Spankin' New