Big sister Eliza turned 5 today! We think it was a pretty special day. She told us it was the best day of her entire life.

Eliza Turns Five!

We started off the day with a doughnut breakfast. Because birthdays mean health goes out the window. It’s just 24 hours, we figure that’s okay.

Eliza snuggled Jonas while Jake and I took turns wrapping her presents & playing with her. Yes, we know that we’re last minute. We have a good excuse; we didn’t get to buy the presents until Wednesday (Jonas, Jake and I went to Target: longest and most exhausting shopping trip EVER). We were meaning to wrap them when she went to sleep, but she’s been going to bed the same time as us lately. We told her this morning that we could bring her the presents right after breakfast or she could hang out in her room for a bit while we wrapped. She opted for the present opening. She didn’t even sneak a peak out of the window to watch Jake get the presents out of the trunk.

Jake and Eliza then went to go see Tangled. Eliza LOVES going to the movie theater but hardly ever gets to go (movies are generally more of a date night kind of thing). Jake says Eli LOLed a lot through the movie. There were sad parts too; apparently it was an emotional roller coaster for little miss Eliza. This just means she gets WAY too into movies.

Eliza Turns Five (T-Rex Cafe)!

We finished up the day by going to T-Rex, which is a restaurant full of animatronic dinosaurs (Jonas slept through the whole thing). This is a birthday tradition for us so that Eli gets to do something special on her birthday because her birthday party is almost always not on her actual birthday. This year her birthday party will be TWO WHOLE WEEKS after her birthday (which gives us time to recuperate from all of the Jonas having before we are expected to have a clean house).

We’ll leave you with the meaning of turning five, according to Eliza.

Okay, maybe not. We asked her the meaning of turning five, and we can’t convince her that she IS five. She is insisting she is still four.

….And we just figured out that she doesn’t want to be five because that means she’ll have to go to school. “Boring school” she says. She stretches out the word boring like a teenager. Rest assured, fellow nerds, this has nothing to do with an aversion to learning. She keeps telling me that she can just stay home with me and I can teach her things. So it’s out of love.