365 2011 Week 3

Day 15. We went to go see Megan’s great-grandpa Ray. That’s right; he’s Jonas & Eliza’s great-great-grandpa. How cool is that?

Day 16. Eliza’s project of the week was to clean her room. Not an easy task. This is her look when I went to check on her. When we ask her if her room is clean, she always says yes. Then when we ask her if she picked up something specific, she always says, “Let me go check”. Because it isn’t clean. I remember going through this same process when I was a kid.

Day 17. Jonas in his baseball jammies. We specifically asked for no sports stuff. That seems to be all that is on little boys clothes. And it is false advertising. Like true nerds, we’re not into sports. We play them a bit (Jake played soccer and wrestled and Megan was captain of the swim team), but don’t watch them. So to dress J in sports gear is false advertising. We could not help but love these, though, because the feet look like little shoes. Awwww.

Day 18. That’s our hedgehog, Rollie Pollie. We always call her Hedgie. How the heck did she get on top of her little house that is three times taller than her? We have no idea. So we took a picture. We think maybe she was plotting escape.

Day 19. SNOW DAY. We had a big fat blizzard in Kansas City. And we were out in it. Megan had her post-op and Jonas had a thyroid test (it came back normal, thank goodness). That was a LONG time in a hospital with two kids. We only have one car, so after the tests we picked Jake up from work (he works across the street from the hospital) and it took us two and a half hours to get home because of the snow. It usually takes fifteen to twenty minutes. Yikes. Don’t worry, this picture was taken at a stop light.

Day 20. Getting ready for Eliza’s birthday party! Spiderman goodie bags in the making.

Day 21. Jonas getting ready to get changed.

That’s our everyday for Week 3 of 2011! How do you document the every day?