Because I know you miss our pretty faces. We finally found the tripod (which someone thought goes with the didgeridoos) and we got these snapped quickly before all of the Thanksgiving Day crazyness.

Thanksgiving Photo 2010

Thanksgiving Photo 2010

Shhhh…. I wear that sweater with leggings or sweat pants at least twice a week. Being this pregnant in winter doesn’t exactly encourage me to be fancy.

We had a great Thanksgiving! Though it was rushed like usual (Jake and I both have split parents so we have four family sets to visit every holiday), it was so amazing to get to see our giant families. And because Jonas is due on Christmas, there is a 99.99% chance we’ll be skipping out on Christmas parties. So it was important to get in as much extended family time as possible this week. Plus, what pregnant lady can say no to 3 Thanksgiving dinners? I’d better stop writing about Thanksgiving food, or I’ll start craving it and will have to bootleg another Thanksgiving feast.

Our weekend was CRAZY due to the Holiday Sale we ran from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. We never expected turnout to be so amazing! Thanks to everyone that stopped by the shop. We even reached 200 sales this weekend, so tomorrow we’ll announce a 200 sales sale! It will be similar to the 100 sales sale that we had in October. So if you missed out on the deals over the weekend, you aren’t too late!

Here are the things I plan on blogging about this week (because if I tell you, then I have to get on it, right?)

1. 200 Sales Sale
2. October & November Reads
3. Getting ready for Jonas
4. December Daily
5. Baby Bump
6. Eliza’s Ornament a Day in December