Ornament making time has become Eliza’s favorite part of the day. I hear, “Is it time to do our project now?” about 17 times before lunch. Added bonus: I’ve found that her love of ornament making is a very effective way of getting her to clean her room. “We can make our ornament as soon as your room is clean” = instant success. We will have to invent daily projects for the rest of the year.

Eliza's Ornament-a-Day: Day 5

Our Day 4 ornament was another quickie project kit. We loved the Day 1 Owls so much that we purchased similar kits to do on days when we don’t have as much time to get crafty.

Eliza's Ornament-a-Day: Day 4

The kits are just self-adhesive foam. Super cute and easy. Eliza wanted to make sure that the deer could hang out with the owls.

Eliza's Ornament-a-Day: Day 4

My favorite ornament so far was also the most time consuming; Day 5 was a Christmas tree made of Perler Beads, which we made without a template. It took us about an hour and a half, partially because Perlers take a lot of patience for people with I’m-almost-five-years-old dexterity and partially because we were watching the Nutcracker while we made it. Ballerinas are more exciting than ornaments sometimes.

Eliza's Ornament-a-Day: Day 5

On Day 6 Eliza learned how to embroider (under very close supervision, of course). I put some lumberjack tartan in a teeny embroidery hoop and drew a star on the back in thick black marker. Eliza’s job was to put the needle through the star points like a connect-the-dot. I was very impressed.

Eliza's Ornament-a-Day: Day 6

Jake was in charge of Day 7 (can you tell?). I think he just wanted to use his Dremel. Jake drilled a hole through a walnut and Eliza drew a face on it. I think he looks like a monkey. When I asked, “How is this ornament Christmasy?”, Jake answered, “What do you mean? It’s a nut!”

Which apparently is Christmasy by default.

Eliza's Ornament-a-Day: Day 7

We’ll be sharing days 8-10 tomorrow. Hopefully my December Daily update will be ready by then too; I ran out of red ink in the middle of printing photos for it!