I’m back today with Part 3 of my December Daily project! See Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Day 8

is all about wrapping presents.

December Daily: Day 8 & 9

December Daily: Day 8

Journaling: We had tons of fun wrapping presents! We wrapped them in brown paper & Eli put stickers on them & colored them to make them fancy! Good job!

P.S. I promise it is not freezing in our house. She just really wanted to wear her coat.

Day 9

is about my grandpa, or Poppy, coming over to help weatherize everything. He has been such an amazing help to us as we’re figuring out this whole homeowner business. Plugging up all of those 100 year old air leaks was a must.

December Daily: Day 9

Journaling: It is getting cold out there! Poppy cam over to weatherize our doors so the cold air won’t leak through.

Day 10

shows off Union Station! Union Station is one of our favorite places in Kansas City. They always have awesome exhibits (we had a blast at the dinosaur exhibit that is there currently) and it is probably one of the prettiest buildings in the city. We go to the post office inside of there and we always have to stop and see what is displayed in the foyer. Right now there is a GIANT tree with a train going around and around it. Eliza (and every other little kid in the room) likes to follow the train around the tree.

December Daily: Day 10, 11,

December Daily: Day 10

We were also quite enamored with the fact that the T-Rex outside has a Santa hat.

Day 11

is the day we got our first snow! It only stayed on the ground for about a day and a half, but we were glad to have it finally feel like winter around here. Which reminds me: we need to buy a snow shovel.

December Daily: Day 11 & 12

December Daily: Day 11

Day 12

is also weather related. It is getting cold, so Eliza is now featuring her footie jammies.

December Daily: Day 12

The page for the day is a little envelope. You pull out the Day 12 picture by the Pull tab and read the journaling on the back.

December Daily: Day 12

December Daily: Day 12

Day 13

is simple; it is just a picture of our stockings “hung with care”. I intended to make us stockings this year, but these cute felt ones were only $2 each at Target. I can’t beat that. Eliza enjoyed picking out which stocking should belong to each of us.

December Daily: Day 13, 14 & 15

December Daily: Day 13 & 14

December Daily: Day 13

Day 14

is about our false alarm with Jonas; we went to the hospital thinking I was in labor.

December Daily: Day 14

December Daily: Day 14

December Daily: Day 14

Journaling: Today we went to the hospital in the wee hours because we thought Jonas was coming. I think he would have fooled anyone; I was having contractions every 2 minutes and 20 seconds for hours! But the contractions weren’t furthering things along, so they gave me meds to stop them and sent me home after 5 hours.

And poor Jake had to go to work the next day, he only got to sleep for an hour or two.

Day 15

is about our Jonas appointments.

December Daily: Day 15

Journaling: Eliza has been so good this month going with me to doctor’s appointments. They are early in the morning for her and it is pretty boring. But she loves hearing the heart “beep”.