I FINALLY took photos of my December Daily album to share with you! But then I realized that there were over 50 photos of the book. A little much for one post. So I decided to break it up a bit.

You can see part one here

I took another photo of the cover because Day 3 changed it a little bit. My pages are all different sizes and the cover is transparent, so readers can peak into the future.

December Daily: Cover

Day 3

focuses on candy. Because when you are 9 months pregnant, the candy matters.

December Daily: Day 3

The journaling reads: Today it was time to bust out the holiday candy. I’m craving anything minty and Eliza is right on board!

Extra tidbit that is not in the book: I keep sneaking mint chocolates into our shopping cart when we go out and Jake keeps sneaking them back onto the shelves. I don’t think he’d object to this particular craving so much if he liked mint chocolate too.

Day 4

is all about Eliza’s letter to Santa.

December Daily: Day 4

Here’s the journaling (which is hidden underneath the envelope): Eliza had a lot of fun doing her letter to Santa this year. She got to use the typewriter, which was very special. We wrote the special letter, scanned it, and e-mailed it to the man in red. Much faster than mailing it all the way to the North Pole!

December Daily: Day 4

December Daily: Day 4

Eliza’s letter reads: Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year. I would like to have the things that Cora has and a house to put them in. I only have two and they are little things that bobble their head and they are kind of like Barbies but they are animals like kitties and birds and things. They should also have mirrors and pictures and things to go with them. [Littlest Pet Shop] I also want a little toy that I can play with my kitties with. I would like to let you know that we are not just going to give you cookies. We will leave you cookies AND milk. I also want to know how you get through our chimney when it is all blocked up. Hugs and Kisses, Eliza Age 4

December Daily: Day 4

Day 5

shows us decorating our first real Christmas tree!

December Daily: Day 5

Here’s the journaling: This year we got our first real tree. Smells so good. Decorating the tree is so much fun! Eliza led the chase!

Day 6

shows our tree all finished. We didn’t get it all done day 5.

December Daily: Day 6 & 7

December Daily: Day 6

Journaling: Our finished tree! We borrowed some ornaments from Mimi because we don’t have very many.

Day 7

is about our collectible Hallmark ornaments. On the whole, we prefer the handmade and vintage variety of ornaments. But Jake and I both have ornament collections that our parents started for us (Jake has airplanes and I have Dr. Suess). We wanted to continue the tradition for our kids. Eliza’s ornaments are Disney. We’re going to start baby Jonas (who will be here any day now!) on a line this year too.

December Daily: Day 7

We’ll be back as soon as possible with Part 3 of December Daily as well as an update on Eliza’s Ornament A Day! Meanwhile, we’ll be getting ready for little Jonas to get here! Here’s our “Waiting for Jonas Playlist”. Enjoy!

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