This year I am again making a December Daily album; inspired by Ali Edwards. You can read about the project here if you aren’t familiar with it. You should also check out the Flickr Group to see what everyone out there is creating! I did one last year, but didn’t share very much of it. Honestly, it’s still not 100% done. But I am going to work very hard to make time to document each day this year.

December Daily: Cover After

Here’s my cover! My book this year has a lot of different sized pages and some transparencies so that there are peaks into the days ahead. The cover page is a thick plastic transparency for this reason.

This is what the foundation cover looked like before I started on Day 1:

December Daily: Cover Before

I didn’t have the foresight to create a title page, and you could see my Day 1 right underneath the cover. I decided to fix this because the cover looked much too cluttered with my Day 1 page showing through.

December Daily: Cover Close-Up

This is what it looks like when you flip over the cover transparency page:

December Daily: Inside Cover

I hid my Day 1 page from the cover by creating a fold-up page attached to the Day 1 page with ribbon. This is how it looks when you flip it up:

December Daily: Day 1

I included Eliza’s Day 1 Ornament from her Ornament a Day project. I will save the rest of her Ornament a Days photos and will make a compilation of all of them for the last page of the album.

December Daily: Day 1 Close Up

When the photo flap folds back down, it hides the journaling underneath.

December Daily: Day 1 Close Up

For Day 2, I chose to journal about our Etsy shop. Etsy is a big part of the season for me, as the shop is so busy. Most months Jake and I both work on Nerd Nest part time, but in December I’m pretty much a full time Etsyian. Which is why we still don’t have holiday decorations up yet. (I know, excuses excuses).

December Daily: Day 2

December Daily: Day 2 Close Up

Here’s a sneak peak into the rest of the foundation:

2009 Christmas Countdown
2009 Christmas Countdown

2009 Christmas Countdown

2009 Christmas Countdown

Are you participating in December Daily? How do you document your holiday season?

Four Metal Holiday Pinecone Trays

P.S. They tray underneath our book in the photos can be found in our shop here.