Jake and I have a hot date to go see Harry Potter today! I’m super excited. We usually go to the midnight showing for the Potter movies on Thursday, but we must be getting old because we just couldn’t talk ourselves into only getting four hours of sleep just to be able to see the movie less than 24 hours earlier.

I also usually read all of the books before a new movie comes out, but I just found the box that they were packed in two days ago. I guess I’ll be reading them in December.

I also meant to make Harry Potter scarves. Ooops. Oh well. Maybe we can wear them for the summer one even though we will burn up. I want to make a Gryffindor one for Jake and a Ravenclaw one for myself. What house would you be in?

I didn’t get any awesome crafts made, but there are a lot of awesome people who did. We really like these Potter inspired products on Etsy right now:

Are you planning on seeing the movie?