You can’t get through October without cracking open a pumpkin!

Jack O' Lantern

Jake got a little “Psyco” with the pumpkin. We waded through all of our boxes and cleared enough space to do a little carving.

Cutting into the Pumpkin

It took a while to convince her to take out the pumpkin seeds and inner goop; Eliza abhors getting dirty. But she got on board when I told her we were baking the seeds. Yum! The pumpkin is so tall that her armpit touched the top when she was reaching into the bottom of the pumpkin.

Cutting into the Pumpkin

While Jake did the cutting, Eliza decorated her pumpkin with Stickles Glitter Glue. It made her pumpkin fancy.

Eliza Painting her Pumpkin

Giltter Pumpkin

She needed a smiley face on the other side.

Eliza's Pumpkin

Even though it is not technically our house until next week (we’re hoping to close on Thursday and move on Friday), we went and put our pumpkins on our porch stoop. There’s really nowhere to put them at the loft.

Holly House!

Have you carved pumpkins? Did you get fancy with it or did you do a simple Jack O’ Lantern face like we did?