Friday night felt like Christmas Eve. You know that “I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can’t possibly go to sleep” feeling? We found our dream house and made an offer on Friday…


…and on Saturday it was accepted! No counter offer! This is at once the most exciting and stressful thing that has ever happened to us. Moving to a new nest is a dream, but we’re trying to not put our eggs in a basket just yet. Or count them before they hatch. We’re not allowing ourselves to be completely overcome with excitement until our financing comes through and the inspection of the house is done. It’s not really real until these things are said and done.

That doesn’t keep us from coming up with exciting projects, though. I have been spending a good 20% of my daily brain power decorating our new spaces and trying to decide how to get our not-so-grown-up furniture to look good in our 101-year-old hopefully-future-home. Daunting. I’ve been haunting Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge and will share good finds this week. If you have favorite decorating or DIY blogs or websites, please share them in the comments!

Jake is excited that we have more room for nerdy dream projects. He’s most excited about his proposed Garduino project, which uses a microcontroler to decide how much water and fake sunshine plants need. Part of our cellar will apparently be dedicated to this. I’m excited about a program that waters and shines on plants for me; I have a black thumb. Plus I think that it’s a little hot that Jake is interested in gardening. In my family, gardening is just as manly as grilling steaks and building bookshelves for some reason. But I have been spending a lot of time trying to talk him out of starting this project with saffron. How about some aloe vera Jake? Or some wheat grass? Or something else impossible to kill instead of the most expensive and complicated-to-grow spice there is? There’s no stopping him… so I’ll be sure to document this project and try to keep the “I told you so” to myself towards the end.

Eliza is excited about all of the rooms (she was happy to hear that she doesn’t have to share with her on-the-way brother). She is also excited about having a walnut tree in the back yard. She thinks we can attract squirrels with these while we camp outside. Though, honestly, there’s barely room for a tent. She is worried that our loving kitties will have more places to hide from her though… maybe there will be less snuggling when there are more sun spots.

Jonas is just excited that WE don’t have to move anything. He is also glad that we will not have to pay $3.00 every time we want to do a load of cloth diapers. He promises not to come early… he knows that he is not allowed to appear until after we’ve unpacked.