We’re going to nerd up the nursery. Surprise surprise.

In keeping up with our loft’s theme of extreme nerdyness, little Blue Eggie’s half of the room (he’s sharing with Eliza) is going to be decorated in vintage space ephemera. We’ve been searching on Etsy and the results did not disappoint. I couldn’t help buying these awesome pieces.

1. Vintage Buttercup 2. Black Sheep Yarns 3. The Candy Shoppe 4.Iowa Jewel

More on how we’re using them soon.

Not only is he going to have an awesome nerd space in which to play and sleep, he’s going to look cool too. Here are some other nerdy baby finds that we love:

1. Katy and Zucchini 2.Happy Family 3. Hutch Me 4. The Freckled Elephant 5. Electric Boogaloo 6. Crow Smack 7. b. children’s wear

Did we miss anything awesome? Let us know with links!