We are spending this week at Table Rock Lake! Jake’s parents have a cute little boat, so it’s a summer vacation packed with life jackets, tubing & water skiing (not for me, of course), scenic views, jumping off cliffs into the water, sunscreen, sandwiches, and swimming.

Eliza and Jake are having tons of fun with Jake’s parents and his brother Corbin. Eliza’s going to be a good little captain someday. More pictures soon.

Unfortunately I’ve been stuck in the condo with a sinus infection. It’s been pretty horrible. Bleh! It’s hard to get through coughs and sinus pressure when you can’t take any medicine due to preggers-oucity. Vapor rub is my friend.

This has caused me to be mostly useless, so Music Monday is going to be on Wednesday today 🙂 Check back later for the post! It’s a good one.