I just realized that I’ve never blogged about my side job! I’ve been spending most of the summer mommying, working on the shop, and editing my first book (I want to be a novelist when I grow up). But I also took a job at a coffee shop down the street from where we live. It’s nice being able to walk to work.

Your friendly neighborhood barista

Jake and I might want to buy a coffee shop some day, so I thought that this would be a good time to learn.

K City


The only thing that sucks is that the smell of coffee makes me nauseous! Before pregnancy it was my very favorite thing, but Eggy is not a fan. It made it easier to quit drinking it, but sometimes I don’t feel so hot at work 🙁


Jake is the best Jake ever. He is falling ever more deeply in love with his scooter (he rides it to work every day).

Safety First

He will drive all of the way across the city on the scooter to bring me a juice smoothie while I’m working!


He’s been getting to ride it a lot because our teenage sisters have been spending the night at our loft a few days a week. Built in babysitters.

Veno Scooter

Yay summer! Check back later today for a week-long sale announcement!