One of our favorite things to do on a rainy day is head to a coffee or tea shop. Since I’m banished from coffee, we’ve been frequenting the quaint little Tea Drops quite often.

Tea Drops

My favorite is Mango Black tea with milk and honey. Yum! My allergies have been bothering me, so it does wonders for my throat.

Megan + Tea

Mango Black Tea - Yum!

Jake is officially addicted to Bubble Tea. He likes the Strawberry Black kind.

Jake + Bubble Tea

Strawberry Black Bubble Tea

Unfortunately for me, the tapioca balls also work as great spit balls. Ew! They’ll stick to your clothes.


Jake worked on one of his Arduino projects, I worked on editing my book, and Eliza did some (homeschool) pre-school homework. We’re nerds even in the summer time!

Eliza + Apple Juice

Eliza enjoyed some apple juice.


I don’t know why, but we’re much more productive when we’re not at home. Where are you at your most productive?