No, the baby’s not here (that’s December). There’s a new kitten in the nest!

New Kitten

We haven’t decided what to name her yet, so we are open to suggestions! We don’t like foofy names (no “fluffy”, please). We were thinking of naming her after a shade of gray, since our other cat’s name is Charcoal, but haven’t found one cute enough. Stumped!

New Kitten

I already love her. She spent the entire night last night picking new places on my person to sleep. My tummy, my head, my armpit… She’s just a cute little ball of fluff.

Here’s her sister, Lily. My little sister adopted her! They’re having a play date tonight.


They like playing with each other!

New Kitten + Lily

Charcoal is not too happy about the whole situation, honestly. Apparently, it takes adult cats a while to warm up to kittens.


Eliza is a little under the weather, so we don’t have any pictures of her and the kitten yet 🙁 But we’ll share more soon!