It finally feels like Spring here in Kansas City. It’s been a little rainy and gloomy, but it has been so warm that we don’t mind a few Spring showers!

Kansas Ctiy

We’ve hung out in the park almost every day this week enjoying the good weather, the puppies, and the light breezes.

City Market Park

The folks at the coffee shop were nice enough to let us pretty up the sidewalk with some super bright sidewalk chalk.

Sidewalk Chalk

Eliza had a lot of fun chasing Jake’s sister, Savannah (who practically lives with us she’s here so often). E. got Vannah pretty good in the face with the chalk; she looked like a warrior.

Playing in the Park

Eliza has also had a lot of fun exploring outside. I love how exciting rocks are to her. Everything in the world has magical qualities.

Eliza's Rocks

Eliza's Rocks

Spring also means a change in wardrobe! For the first time ever, I’m kicking my tomboy habit to embrace dresses.


I’ll share a post soon with my fashion wish list! I’m going on a huge vintage shopping spree this weekend, so I’d like to pinpoint the look I’m going for ahead of time.


Has Spring come knocking on your door? What are you doing/ planning to do to embrace it?