Here at the Nerd Nest, we like hats. Mostly because most of our hats make us look like dorks… which is a good thing hereabouts. We also like thrifty finds. We’ve decided to weeklyish share thrifty finds with you… and we’re starting with this awesome hat!

Hats Off! - Thrifty Finds

Hats Off! - Thrifty Finds

I know. I look silly. It’s way too big for me. But I love it. Want to know why?

Spending my childhood thinking about Christian Bale in a dreamy-like state has not only made me wish that everyone walked around dressed like they were (boys) from 1899, it also probably had a lot to do with my views on politics participation.

Here’s what I mean:

Bryan Denton: Sometimes all it takes is a voice, one voice that becomes a hundred, then a thousand, unless it’s silenced.

Newsies: [singing] When you got a million voices singing, who can hear a lousy whistle blow?



What movie has inspired you?