All clear with the colonoscopy! Which means that I don’t have colitis, which is awesome. But it also means that I still don’t know what is wrong. Back to the drawing board.

Eliza was confused that I had to have two different tummy procedures, so we learned about organs and anatomy yesterday.

Learning anatomy

We had fun talking about what our different organs do.

We also got to go see our friend Paul do stand-up at The Peachtree downtown. Which was amazing. He is ridiculously funny. He always has Eliza giggling as well. Here they are together in ’07, when she didn’t quite know what to make of him.

Paul and Eli 2007

I wish we could have taken pictures, but we didn’t know if we could bring cameras in or not and it’s not exactly like we can just take the camera back to the car if they won’t let us in (we walk from home since it’s only 11 city blocks).

Jake and I are going to mostly be tackling homework today, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you! Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on making these:

Knit bow

How did you spend your Friday night?