When we said we’d be back to a normal blogging schedule. What my docs thought was a virus was probably (maybe) something more serious. I still have a few tests and procedures left before I know what’s going on, though.

Meanwhile, we’ve been trying really hard to stay on top of things with school, Etsy, and life. That means that most of our “for fun” stuff have been kind of put on the back burner. Including our awesome home improvement and DIY projects. And our blogging. And, to be honest, any semblance of cleaning.

We might still have trouble blogging as regularly as usual, but we thought we’d pop in and tell you what we’ve been up to.

Thanks to my fatigue and medical craziness and Jake’s increased around-the-loft responsibilities, we’ve been up to our elbows trying to stay current in school stuff.

Park University

We’ve told you before that some of our classes are in a cave. Literally. This is the back entrance. Colorful, huh? We’ll have to take pics of some of the classrooms for you. It’s really weird to get used to, especially when you start to think about all of the cars parked over your head!

Jake @ Park

Jake in his design class. He’s been learning how to get fancy in Photoshop. Hopefully he’ll have time soon to share some of his new found photo editing wisdom. I’m as excited about learning as you are.

Park University

Our favorite building on campus.

When we’re not playing with Eli or tyring to catch up with school, we’ve been spending a lot of time with our friends. We finally made it down to visit some friends at KU in Lawrence, KS. Thank goodness they understand our need to multitask; we did some profitable thrifting (see shop update here) there and visited the cute Mass Street shops. Here’s one of them; our favorite college town bookstore, The Dusty Bookshelf.

Dusty Bookshelf

Dusty Bookshelf

Dusty Bookshelf Cat

They even have a cat that lives in the store! Eliza thinks that she looked like the Cheshire Cat.

Dusty Bookshelf

Someday we’ll have about that many books, no doubt.

Snow at the Market

We’ve also been spending as much time as possible across the street at the City Market.

Which really means that I’ve been at the coffeeshop every day that I feel up to leaving the loft.

Barista Training

I’ve been learning how to make lattes et al. from my friend Nikole, who used to own my favorite coffeeshop, now closed, The Planet.

Barista Training

I think I’m getting pretty darn good at it. It’s my dream to own a coffeeshop one day, so this is good practice :)

We’ve also been spending a ton of time with this guy.


Our friend Justin is 100% amazing. Just about the wittiest guy you can find. He’s also the lead singer in an amazing metal band. We’ll share some tracks once they finish their demo.

We’re so lucky to have such talented and inspiring friends!

So that’s what’s new with us. What have you been up to?