1 giant bag of beef jerky, 2 boxes of Gobstoppers, 1/2 can of cheese wiz, about 60 low-fat crackers, three Vitamin Waters, 6 cups of tea, 1 giant latte, 2 sodas, 18 hours in a car, and about 1000 miles was what it took to get there and back again. It was all worth it to see this lovely lady:

Jessica in Tokyo Joe's

Jessica and Tanya in KC

Jessica has been my best friend since the first day of 8th grade. Her roommate Tanya is awesome too. I hate living so far from my best friend, but at least she’s only a road trip away.

Jake was most excited to get to go here:

Tokyo Joe's

Tokyo Joe's

He’s super excited that we got to buy some of their teriyaki sauce. We’ll be eating a lot of stir-fry in the next month.

We did some very fruitful thrifting on Saturday before the show, so expect a shop update in the next few days. I’ll have to ask Jessica the locations of the thrift stores we went to so that those of you that live close to Denver can check them out. We even found a full-sized child’s school chair and desk for $10. Too bad it wouldn’t fit in our car.

But the best part, other than seeing Jessica of course, was the Brand New show at the Fillmore!

The Fillmore in Denver

The show was amazing. I tell you, Brand New is excellent music for out-of-shape people. You can mosh during every song, since you get a break for at least half of the song. Because every song has super slow parts and heavy parts. But honestly,Manchester Orchestra stole the show. You HAVE to check them out if you haven’t already. We scored a great Manchester Orchestra vinyl record and this super soft t-shirt:

We spent our whole weekend all lovey-dovey like. Probably because we were trapped in a car with each other for so long. Considering that and the fact that Valentine’s Day is coming up, we decided to make a lovey-dovey playlist. If you want to listen to “our” songs, you can listen to this playlist. These are songs we’ve recently found that are representative of true love. Okay, so the AFI song is a little bit depressing. But man, he has to love the girl he’s singing to.

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What are your favorite love songs?