We’ll tell you all about our trip tomorrow. We were too busy reuniting with our Eliza after three days to upload our pictures :)

Since our night was all about Eli, we thought our post should be too.

Eliza is a Princess

She’s taken to telling us fantastical stories lately. That’s pretty exciting, considering I want to be a novelist someday. Her stories tend to be a lot more magical than mine :) Here is her beautiful story, as dictated to Jake.

Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a princess and there
was a lovely handsome prince and a boy named Cota. Everybody had a party and they loved each other. Everybody who loved each other was together. Everybody loved this handsome prince. And everyone else was a princess. There was a heart on the ground and the princess picked it up and gave it to the prince and it was all together and everybody loved each other. Abba wanted to love a prince, and the prince was grandpa (he’s in this story too). And everybody loved each other! THE END!

-Eliza Beth Anderson 1/27/2010 (4 years, 20 days old)

(Transcribed by Jake Anderson [Daddy])

We’re just wondering if the heart the princess found on the ground was more like the kind that we put into the Build-a-Dinos, or if that part of the story was inspired for her increasing obsession with doctor shows. Well, at least she’s interested in science as well as princesses.

What is magical in your life lately?

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