We’re busy bees around here today. I feel like I’m waking up after hibernation. My surgery went well, but they didn’t find out what’s wrong with me. I’ll have to do more tests soon :(

On a positive note, I am very thankful to have such a helpful family! Our parents and grandparents helped watch Eliza, made us yummy food, and drove me about. A big thanks to everyone!

Eliza with Stella and Stanley

Right now we’re getting ready for Eliza’s birthday party, which is tomorrow. It’s hedgehog themed. We’re pretty darn excited. She’s pictured here with Stanley and Stella, designed by Rachel Denbow and made by me. It’s one of the projects from the Autumn RVA class.

Eliza with Stella and Stanley

I made Stella for Eliza’s birthday. She told me that Stanley needs a wife (which she pronounces something like “wife-ez”). I was happy to make a little companion for our friend Stanley.


I think that the happy couple needs a little baby Stu next. This is fitting, as Eliza is obsessed with grouping all of her toys into families right now.

Stanley and Stella

I think there will be a great many more cute plushies in our future. Eliza made this little plush flower for me with a kit my mom gave her for Christmas:

Eliza's Flower

I love handmade presents! I think this flower is lovely. It’s my new favorite art piece in the house.

I’m signing off now to get ready for the party. We’re also acquiring some amazing new furniture today, which I’ll share soon.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my newest project, Big Royal:

Big Royal Before

I’m used to typewriters that need a little TLC, but this time I’ve got my work cut out for me. This behemoth is our first non-portable typewriter. We’ll get it pretty(er) and functioning before we decide if we’re willing to give this one up. Have you found any new treasures lately?